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  • Acronis True Image Echo Workstation 9.7.8206 + Universal Restore! | Download=70MB, ISO=135MB

    Acronis True Image Echo Workstation is the ideal solution for backup and disaster recovery of the entire office network or a local computer, Acronis True Image Echo Workstation gives you many options, including the ability to backup an entire system or individual files or folders; perform a disaster recovery backup or restore files, folders, or an entire disk from an image; manage backup/restore tasks remotely; restore the system to dissimilar hardware; perform differential backups; perform incremental backups; schedule backups; create bootable media that will allow you to boot from a CD or a USB drive to restore your computer from an image if it becomes so unstable that it will not boot; and much more.

    Acronis Universal Restore allows you to restore to different hardware or to a virtual machine, providing complete disaster recovery. Acronis Universal Restore prepares you for even the most unforeseen events.

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  • AudioLava Premium | 8 MB

    AudioLava Premium Edition is the ideal solution for professional restoring from Vinyl to CD. AudioLava Premium Edition automatically removes noise such as tape hiss or clicks and crackle on LP records with its state of the art noise reduction algorithms. The user friendly Cleaning Wizard helps you to find the best way to bring your analog and digital recordings back to life in an impressive quality and guides you through all the steps from recording and track splitting to restoration and CD burning.

    With AudioLava Premium Edition you can easily enhance your audio files to a quality you have never heard before. The digital emulation of phono preamplifiers allows you to record your music signal without buying an additional phono preamplifier.

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  • Avanquest SystemSuite Professional v9.0.3.3 | 109 MB

    Avanquest SystemSuite Professional is a complex protection and performance software that allows you to use 60 powerful tools created to maintain and protect your PC.

    Defend against viruses, spyware and hackers, diagnose Windows problems, recover lost data, protect against spam and much, much more! Your personal information deserves the finest protection, System Suite 8.

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    Portable Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe

    Portable Corel Photo Album 6 Deluxe is your complete digital photo editing suite! Enhance your photos in an instant with easy photo-fixes and effects.It's packaged in Thinstall3.358 Program is registered.
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    7 Doc Mar 27, 2009

  • 13 JPEG| min. 1600 px | | 7.79 MB
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  • 53 JPEG| up to 3155x3155 | 48.42 MB
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    45 UFO 23.11.2015

  • 125 JPEG | Various sizes | 11.09 MB
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  • MU018 - High Speed Photo-Fruits | 163 MB

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  • Windows Genuine Advantage Validation 1.9.0040.0 | 1.9 MB | RS | MU

    100% working on Windows Update, Microsoft Download Center and Microsoft Update

    1. Extract
    2. Run installer.bat

    Installer switches:
    installer.bat /u - uninstall the crack
    installer.bat /c - cleanup old cracked files

    Running the installer as usual will remove old backup files, create new backup files and install new cracked files.

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  • Body Atr Photo | 505 Pictures | 30.6MB | RS

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  • Cool CD Ripper 1.31 | 1.4 MB | RS | MU

    Cool CD Ripper is an extremely easy-to-use CD ripper. It rips audio CD tracks and save them into audio formats WAV, WMA (Windows Media Audio 9), MP3, and OGG Vorbis on-the-fly.

    Cool CD Ripper uses lame encoder of newest version(3.9.31) that supports full MP3 options with VBR properties, also it supports WMA v9 format(VBR also supported). Free CDDB is supported.

    If you want to make your own MP3, WMA, OGG files from audio CD, Cool CD Ripper is exactly what you are looking for. With full CD audio playback control function, Cool CD Ripper also work as a freedb-aware CD player.

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  • Startup Organizer v2.9.293 | 1.5 MB | RS | MU

    Startup Organizer is a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 program that was developed to provide quick access to all of the programs that are automatically started when you turn on or logon to your computer.

    Using Startup Organizer, you can inspect, edit, print and/or temporarily disable such programs and make backup configurations. It is very easy to use.

    You may significantly reduce the time required for your system startup by disabling programs that you don`t need all the time.

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  • 195 JPEG | 1065x800 pxl (+/-) | 23.41 MB
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  • Slideshow Magic 5.0.1
    Mac App | 5.6mb | RS,UPL

    Whether you are a home user looking to make a photo album to share with family and friends, or a business professional looking to make a multimedia production, Slideshow Magic is right for you. Our presentation software allows users to save their slideshow as a video in any QuickTime compatible format!

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  • Photo to Movie 4.1.2
    Mac App | 9mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    Photo to Movie can turn your digital photos into spectacular QuickTime movies. It will literally change the way you look at your photos forever. Photo to Movie will gently zoom and pan across your photos, blending them together while moving from one photo to another. Your photos will come alive in a way that will engage and impress your audience. Forget the traditional static slide show -- use Photo to Movie to bring your photos alive, focusing attention on the important part of the photo.

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