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  • VTC - Introduction To Wireless Administration

    Title: Introduction To Wireless Administration | 149 MB
    Author: Bobby Rogers
    SKU: 33800
    ISBN: 1-934743-11-9
    Release Date: 2007-09-26
    Duration: 4.5 hrs / 77 lessons
    Compatibility: Win Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X, Linux

    Title Description

    Wireless Networking is one of the fastest-growing technologies in both consumer and business arenas today. It�s become the primary means of communication for mobile users on the go, and allows us all to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, and even conduct business from small mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. This title, by veteran VTC author Bobby Rogers, delivers a solid foundation on these technologies to the up-and-coming wireless administrator. Both newcomers and experienced administrators will gain insight on administering both basic and complex wireless networks. To begin learning simply click the links.

    Introduction & Course Outline

    Course Introduction & Outline (03:25)
    Overview of Wireless Networking
    Overview of Wireless Networking (00:34)
    Wireless Vs Wired Networks (03:26)
    Wireless Basics (03:11)
    Wireless Transmission Methods (02:55)
    Wireless Hardware Overview (02:14)
    Wireless Security Issues (03:04)
    Wireless Standards & Topologies
    Intro to Wireless Standards & Topologies (01:46)
    802.11a (02:07)
    802.11b (02:22)
    802.11g (01:13)
    802.11n (01:33)
    802.11i (02:25)
    Other Standards (01:26)
    Wireless Topologies (02:31)
    Wireless Technology Science Fundamentals
    Waves/Frequency & Amplitude (04:10)
    RF Wave Concepts (03:48)
    RF Power (04:13)
    Range & Speed (05:05)
    Wireless Hardware
    Wireless Access Points (02:40)
    Wireless Network Hardware (02:24)
    Wireless Client Hardware (04:35)
    Antennas (03:53)
    Boosters & other Wireless Hardware (01:32)
    Configuring Wireless Access Points
    Access Point General Configuration (02:21)
    Configuring a Linksys AP (05:42)
    Onfiguring a TrendNet AP Pt.1 (03:51)
    Onfiguring a TrendNet AP Pt.2 (04:58)
    Configuring a DLink AP (05:09)
    Configuring a Linux AP (02:41)
    Troubleshooting Wireless Access Points Pt.1 (03:36)
    Troubleshooting Wireless Access Points Pt.2 (04:56)
    Configuring Wireless Clients
    General Client Configuration (02:58)
    Configuring a Windows Client (02:21)
    Configuring a Windows XP Client (02:04)
    Configuring a Windows Vista Client (02:16)
    Configuring a Linux Client (04:48)
    Configuring a Mac OS X Client (04:23)
    Wireless Applications
    Intro to Wireless Applications (02:32)
    Wireless Markup Language (02:42)
    Wireless Application Protocol (03:17)
    Wireless Enabled Web (01:50)
    Wireless Security Protocols & Features
    WEP (04:37)
    WPA/WPA2/802.11i (03:32)
    802.1x/EAP-TLS/PEAP/LEAP (02:57)
    SSID Protection (03:36)
    MAC Address Filtering (02:20)
    Wireless Peripherals
    Wireless Print Servers (02:45)
    Wireless Media Centers (02:35)
    Other Wireless Peripherals (03:57)
    Overview of Bluetooth (03:13)
    Bluetooth Security Features (01:52)
    Bluetooth Weaknesses (01:52)
    Other Wireless Technologies
    Infra Red Technologies (02:30)
    Cell Phone Technologies (03:18)
    Connecting with Wireless PDAs (02:17)
    RFID (02:24)
    ZigBee (01:51)
    Wireless Security Testing
    War Driving & War Chalking (05:04)
    Penetration Testing Methodology (05:20)
    Pen Testing Platforms (05:11)
    Pen Testing Tools (03:01)
    Netstumbler Demonstration (05:17)
    Rouge Access Points & Illegal Clients (04:23)
    Administering a Wireless Network
    Site Survey & Design (07:24)
    Home Networks (07:19)
    Small & Medium Networks Pt.1 (05:15)
    Small & Medium Networks Pt.2 (02:58)
    Enterprise Wireless Networks (07:25)
    Best Practices
    Best Practices - Designing the Network Pt.1 (04:46)
    Best Practices - Designing the Network Pt.2 (03:49)
    Best Practices - Wireless Clients (04:50)
    Best Practices - Wireless Access Points (06:48)
    Connecting Wireless & Wired Networks (05:48)
    Best Practices - Wireless Security (05:58)
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  • CBT Nuggets - Certified Wireless Networking Expert

    CWNE Certification Series
    Certified Wireless Networking Expert - Exam-Pack: PW0-300

    Become the go-to wireless expert.

    The Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE) Certification is the cream of the crop for wireless certifications. It builds on the CWNA and CWSP certifications to teach how wireless works on a very granular level -- critical knowledge for serious wireless network admins.

    In the CWNE Certification Series, instructor Michael Shannon takes you through wireless LAN analysis, and teaches you all about the IEEE 802.11 standards, MAC Fundamentals, frame format, protocol analyzers, and more.

    This is the knowledge it takes to be able to call yourself a true wireless expert -- and to be able to work on wireless networks of all sizes, including large networks with multiple access points.

    Here's what you learn in each of the videos:

    Video 1 - Learn the core differences between wired and wireless LANs -- not just that one has wires and the other doesn't. Understand what a WLAN analysis is, the different types of analysis you can do, and what WLAN analysis tools are available.

    Video 2 - Understand the original 802.11 standard. Fundamental terminology is defined including STA, BSS, IBSS, ES, and DS. This video also explores wireless 802.11 services and interactions between the distribution service components.

    Video 3 - This nugget continues with a deeper discussion of the 802.11 distribution services and the roaming process. You'll learn about the 802.11 media access control (MAC) layer -- as well as the scanning and synchronization services of 802.11.

    Video 4 - Understand frame transmission access timing mechanisms. Plus learn the two main forms of transmission medium access: Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) and Point Coordination Function (PCF).

    Video 5 - Break down the basic MAC header to understand it from the bottom up. Plus you'll explore the frame control field, 802.11 frame types, and frame subtypes in detail.

    Video 6 - This video explains the frame address fields, the sequence control fields, the frame body field, and the frame check sequence (FCS) trailer.

    Video 7 - Define 802.11 management frames: the association request and association response; the reassociation request and reassociation response; the probe request and probe response; the beacon frame; the ATIM frames; and the authentication and deauthentication frames.

    Video 8 - Learn the frame body fields and elements of the 802.11 management frame. Understand these fields and elements: the Association ID (AID) field, the authentication algorithm number field, the authentication transaction sequence number field, the beacon interval field, the capability information field, and the current AP address field.

    Video 9 - This video nugget examines the 802.11 control frames and the two main types of data frames which include data carriers and non-data carriers.

    Video 10 - Understand how wireless LAN analyzers work by going in-depth with the WildPackets AiroPeek tool. Go through installation and configuration plus explore the features it offers -- especially capturing, filtering, and analysis of samples, and decoding the results.

    Video 11 - 802.11i is the next-generation security standard for 802.11 WLANs. Learn all about 802.11i and the Robust Security Network Association (RSNA) standard. This includes Authentication and Key management Protocol (AKMP), Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) CCMP implementation (Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol).

    Video 12 - Quality of Service (QoS) ensures a critical level of performance for network-enabled applications -- 802.11e is all about applying QoS to wireless. Learn 802.11e frame formats, optional features, and QoS enhancements.

    Video 13 - What harmful effects can WLANs have when they're in range of civil and military radar? This video covers the concepts of Transmit Power Control (TPC) and Spectrum Management -- also known as Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) -- so you can keep from causing unwanted and potentially dangerous interference.

    Video 14 - 802.11b and 802.11g are the most widely known wireless standards -- understand how the upgrade from 802.11b to 802.11g increased data transfer rates to as much as 54 Mbps. Also understand the different 802.11g modes of operation as well as PPDU formatting.

    Video 15 - 802.11n is the next-generation standard for high speed WLAN implementations. This nugget explores the main factors driving the technology and the three main technologies of 802.11n: Channel Bonding, High-Order Modulation, and Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)

    Video 16 - Different regulations around the world have led to two important wireless standards: 802.11d and 802.11j. These offer variable performance based on information in the country field and country information elements. Learn all about the "global harmonization" 802.11d standard plus 802.11j for Japanese wireless networks.

    Video 17 - The 802.11F Inter-Access Point Protocol (IAPP) sets the standard for how wireless access points communicate with each other when client machines roam between their coverage areas. This is particularly important in multi-vendor systems. Understand IAPP including the features it provides, the future goals, and the features it fails to provide -- as well as vendor-specific alternatives already in use.

    Video 18 - What does the Physical (PHY) layer look like on a wireless network? This video covers physical layer architecture plus physical layer operations. The PLCP and PMD PHY sub layers are explored as well as the CS/CCA carrier sense function. The Physical aspects of direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS PHY) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS PHY) are covered in detail.

    Video 19 - This video nugget explores the physical mechanisms for two extensions to the original 802.11 standard including 802.11a Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM PHY) and 802.11b 2.4 GHz HR/DSSS PHY.

    On-the-job knowledge plus CWNE exam prep

    The knowledge and skills you'll learn in the CWNE Certification Package are crucial to working as a wireless network administrator on enterprise, campus, and municipal wireless networks. Plus, the videos map to exam objectives for the high-level CWNE exam from the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) program -- so you can set yourself apart as the go-to wireless networking expert.


    Before you can earn CWNE certification, you must also earn CWNA and CWSP. Having these two certifications or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos.

    To get the CWNE Certification Package together with our CWNA, CWSP, and Wireless# training videos -- at reduced package pricing -- check out the Wireless Networking Combo Pack.

    The CWNE Certification Package contains:

    - Introduction to WLAN Analysis (free video!)
    - The Original 802.11 Standard
    - 802.11 MAC Fundamentals (part 1)
    - 802.11 MAC Fundamentals (part 2)
    - 802.11 Frame Format (part 1)
    - 802.11 Frame Format (part 2)
    - Management Frames (part 1)
    - Management Frames (part 2)
    - Control and Data Frames
    - Protocol Analyzers
    - 802.11i Security Enhancements
    - 802.11e QoS Enhancements
    - 802.11h DFS and TPC
    - 802.11g Higher Data Rates
    - 802.11n Higher Data Rates
    - 802.11d and 802.11j Operation
    - 802.11F IAPP
    - 802.11 Physical Layers
    - 802.11 Physical Extensions

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  • 5163 pages | PDF | English | 78.1MB

    802.11 Attacks
    Analyzabezpe IEEE80211
    ARP spoofing handout
    Breaking 104bit WEP
    Breaking WEP and WPA
    Cafe Latte
    Cr@cking WiFi Faster LayerOne
    Defcon Rogue access point
    Defcon12 Wang OS Fingerprint
    Fragmentation attack in practice
    H@cking GPS
    H@ckers Beware
    H@cking a Terror Network
    H@cking Windows XP
    H@cking Wireless Netw Dummies
    Lorcon ShmooCon
    Placing Backdoors Through Firewalls
    Practical Onion H@cking
    Recon Packet mastering
    Recon Wireless Injection
    Scapy packet forgery
    Scapy packet generation
    Secrets of Reverse Engineering
    The Complete History of H@cking
    Vista Physical Attacks
    WEP attack at-t
    Wi-Foo Secrets of wireless h@cking
    WiF-Toys 15 cool projects
    Wireless H@cks 100 strength tips
    Zranitel algoritmu
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  • Setting up a home WiFi network can be tricky, and the signal may not always reach the whole house. One alternative is using adapters that use your home's existing electrical system to relay an Internet connection between rooms. Use an adapter to connect your modem to a wall socket in the living room, use another the connect a computer to a socket in the office -- or anywhere else -- and you're online.
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  • WinApp | Wifi Hacks (2009) AIO | 123 Mb

    This tool has many different tools to hack and crack wifi so you can use your neighbours internet and do whatever. Tools for Windows and Linux also some nice extra tools!
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  • Windows Software | AiroPeek NX v2.02 | 23,8MB

    AiroPeek NX, WildPackets' expert wireless LAN analyzer, provides network engineers with the expert diagnostics they need to deploy, secure, and troubleshoot wireless LANs. AiroPeek NX covers the full spectrum of wireless LAN management requirements, including site surveys, security assessments, client troubleshooting, WLAN monitoring, remote WLAN analysis, and application layer protocol analysis.
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  • WiFi Attacking Tools 2009 AIO (Size: 35,0 MB)

    The pack contains the MOST updated and licensed softwares.
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  • Windows Software | Wifi H@cks AIO 2008-2009 | 90.6MB

    27 in 1 WiFi H@cks Tools & E-Books
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  • Win/Linux | Wifi h@ck AIO 2009 | 122 MB

    This tool has many different tools to h@ck and cr@ck wifi so you can use your neighbours internet and do whatever. Tools for Wind0ws and Linux & also some nice extra tools!
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  • AiO WiFi Cracker and Stealer - April 2009 | 125 MB | ULD & RS

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  • Skype, the popular voice, video, and instant messaging chat software parented by eBay is reportedly coming to the iPhone App Store tomorrow as a free download. When a user’s iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, they will be able to use their Skype account to make free Skype-to-Skype voice calls, send instant messages, and make outbound calls to other mobile devices or landlines for a fee. Just a week ago, Skype 3.0 launched in beta for Windows Mobile. A version for BlackBerry will be released as well in May, and versions for Symbian and Android are expected to follow.
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  • Wireless Hack Toolz 2009 AIO | 7 MB | RS

    *NetStumbler-0.4.0: wireless access point identifier - listens for SSIDs
    and sends beacons as probes searching for access points.

    * Kismet-2005-08-R: wireless sniffer and monitor - passively monitors wireless traffic
    and sorts data to identify SSIDs, MAC addresses, channels and connection speeds.

    * Wellenreiter-v1.9: WLAN discovery tool - uses brute force to identify low traffic
    access points; hides your real MAC address; integrates with GPS.

    * WEP***** 0.1.0: Unix based-pearl aplication encryption breaker - *****s 802.11 WEP
    encryption keys using the latest discovered weakness of RC4 key scheduling.

    * Airsnort-0.2.7e: encryption breaker - passively monitoring transmissions,
    computing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered.

    * Wepwedgie-0.1.0-alpha: for toolkit that determines 802.11 WEP keystreams
    and injects traffic with known keystreams in order to ***** WEP in minutes.

    * Hotspotter-0.4: Wireless client attacking too.
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  • Windows Super Wifi Collection 2009 |40 MB | RS

    1. Aircrack 2.1 win32
    2. AiroPeek NX v2.02
    3. Airsnort 0.2.6 win32
    4. Wifi Drivers (Must Install)
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  • Ultimate wifi hack package AIO | 82 MB | RS

    Ultimate tool for hacking wifi network. Not necessarily mean do bad things with but can repair and initiate to networking Surprised
    This pack includes some e-books and some software to apply what one have learned.
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