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  • Bentley PowerMap XM v08.09.04.84
    Win App | 260mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile (Interchangeable)

    Bentley PowerMap provides a rich 2D or 3D map production environment. You can work in DGN or DWG files, natively read and reference SHP file formats, and import a wide range of industry-standard raster and vector file formats.
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    Windows 7 High Quality Wallpapers | 12 MB
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    4 hat Mar 31, 2009

  • Bentley InRoads Suite v8i XM.v8.11.05.47 - PC Win
    Win App | 115mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    The Bentley InRoads family of civil engineering products is the central design solution on many major civil engineering and transportation projects. InRoads offers consistent, discipline-specific design functionality on your choice of AEC platform: MicroStation or AutoCAD.
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  • Extreme Seven 2009 Premium SP3 Final
    March 2009 Genuine | 838 MB | RS, Uploading

    Release Date ..... March 2009
    Program Type .... OS
    Platform ............. Windows XP Professional
    Language .......... Multi-Language
    Image Type ...... ISO
    Size..................... 874MB
    This is the 1/3 final edition of extreme seven 2009 it is the basic.lite edition with some new appz and some windows 7 look a like appz
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  • Progress in Windows 7 is expected -- perhaps even demanded -- but we still take joy in seeing each new build of the upcoming operating system hit the internet.
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  • Final Draft 7.1.3 Build 42
    Win App | 30mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    Use your creative energy to focus on the content; let Final Draft take care of the style. Final Draft is the number-one selling word processor specifically designed for writing movie scripts, television episodics and stage plays.

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  • Richardson Software RazorSQL v4.5.2 - PC Win
    Win App | 23mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    Features automatic function/method lookup, automatic column lookup, key ahead, built-in and customizable templates.With the help of RazorSQL you can query, update, navigate, and manage all major databases from one database tool.With RazorSQL, an SQL query tool, SQL editor, and database navigator, you can run SQL scripts, visually edit, create, alter, and view tables, import and export data, build queries with a query builder tool, and navigate databases with the database navigator.

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  • PenSoft Payroll 2009 v3.09.2.03 Accounting.Edition - PC Win
    Win App | 45mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    PenSoft Payroll is built with the latest technology to make it powerful, yet easy-to-use. It makes payroll processing a simple job any company can accomplish in-house. It's enhanced and additional features make PenSoft Payroll the best value in payroll software to process your own payroll in-house.

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  • OrgBusiness Gantt Chart for Workgroup.v2.0 - PC Win
    Win App | 32mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    The Gantt Chart for Workgroup is a modern and extremely easy-in-use project plan system with the additional capability to share data over the network. This system allows you to specify complex tasks sequences - a task or multiple tasks can be required to be completed before other tasks can be started. This modern and extremely handy program makes project management a real pleasure.

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    45 UFO 23.11.2015

  • Binary House Software Car Wash Calendar.v1.4
    Win App | 19mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    Car Wash Calendar is a modern and extremely easy-in-use software tool for anyone operating in the car wash business. It's perfect for workers to plan working hours so that the orders do not overlap with someone else and keep track of scheduled appointments. It'll store the information about clients, such as their address, telephone, email and comments.

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  • Aptana Studio Professiona v1.2.5.023247 - PC Win
    Win App | 125mb | RS,UPL (Interchangeable)

    Why are Web developers world-wide choosing Aptana Studio? They've discovered that Aptana Studio offers unprecedented support for Ajax combined with today's popular Web platforms. Download Studio standalone or plug it into Eclipse to see for yourself. It's your choice.

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  • Wince Cab Manager v2.1.0.35 - PC Win
    Win App | 7mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    The WinCE CAB Manager is the ultimate utility for developers of applications designed for the Windows CE operating system. Because it reads and writes the Windows CE CAB file format directly, it eliminates the need to learn the complicated Windows CE INF file format normally used to generate the cabinet files used to install Windows CE applications.

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  • LinPlug SaxLab VSTi.v2.0.3 - PC Win
    Win App | 355mb | RS,UPL (Interchangeable)

    SaxLab is the result of many years of investigation and programming. It uses not one technology but a very carefully balanced mixture of various techniques to obtain the most realistic sax sound you can get from a virtual instrument. Authenticity, Expression and Variation is a must to obtain believable sax sounds. The main concern in this upgrade was to present easy handling, improve the sound quality to obtain the best possible result and to support all types of saxophones, so SaxLab 2 is the "one and only" solution for virtual Saxophone sounds.

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  • U-he Zebra VSTi v2.3.1 - PC Win
    Win App | 5.6mb | RS,UPL,Hotfile

    Zebra is a wireless modular synthesizer. It combines numerous synthesis techniques (subtractive, additive, fm, wavetable, etc.) with a powerful modulation engine that even smoothly integrates with the built-in effects section.
    Unlike its analog predecessors Zebra has got an adaptive user interface that shows only what you can hear. You don't have to worry about complexity - but it's available when you need it!

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  • WindowBlinds 6.10.55 + 100 Themes | 112 MB

    WindowBlinds is a one-of-a-kind utility that allows Windows users to completely change the look and feel of the Windows interface by applying a new skin. There are thousands of different skins to choose from that are freely downloadable from the WindowBlinds website.
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